Zero-emission Day 21 September

Did you know that 21 September is World Zero-emissions Day? It is used to create awareness around daily gas and particulate emissions from our use of fossil fuels. These dirty emissions lead to global warming, air pollution and resulting extreme weather conditions. The aim of the day is to burn no fossil fuels for 24 hours.  Simply put, Zero-emission Day is a day where our environment gets a break!

The team at maxwell+spark is currently attending the IAA Transportation Trade Show in Hannover, Germany, and this year’s focus is “discovering fossil-free logistics”. Maxwell+spark is dedicated to helping industry transition from dirty, inefficient energy to cleaner, lower cost, intelligent alternatives. This is essential for green logistics to become a reality as transportation contributes 24% of global CO2 emissions and of this, 75% is driven by road freight and passenger transport.

This is where maxwell+spark’s range of lithium-ion battery systems can contribute to drastically reducing CO2 emissions. For example, changing one diesel refrigeration system to our one equates to taking 15 cars off the roads in terms of CO2 emissions and 150 cars in terms of particulate emissions, annually. It is through these steps that we can achieve zero road-side emissions during transportation and help reduce the carbon footprint of goods on the move.

Zero-emissions Day is about individuals and companies making both big (and small decisions) that reduce their carbon footprint by cutting back (or cutting out) their demand for fossil fuels. Our aim is to lead the way with decarbonising the logistics industry. Let’s make better (and greener) decisions together!