Introducing our product feature series – because we are really proud of our engineering! First up: our diesel-free transport refrigeration system for trailers and rigid trucks.

Reducing carbon emissions, while at the same time reducing costs, is at the core of maxwell+spark engineering. This means we are uniquely placed to assist businesses reduce their carbon footprint AND their energy and maintenance costs. This makes being green attractive for both the planet and for business.

Our lithium-ion powered refrigeration systems, for rigid trucks and for trailers, make diesel-free refrigeration transport a reality. Both are designed with safety and telematics at their core.

With the system, data has been collected via our comprehensive and free-to-use telematics system since the first truck was put into use in 2018. Based on practical lessons gained and end-user feedback, maxwell+spark has proven to build the best adapted and most reliable, user-friendly, and cost effective li-ion fridges in the world today.

Our aim is not only to contribute to greener logistics, but also to engineer products that help companies reduce cost of ownership. With our 3000-cycle battery warranty, and an expected life of at least 6000 cycles, businesses can get over 16 years of joy, even fully cycled every day. With a 1 to 2 year pay-back period for and a 3-4 year period for, that means 10 years or more of saving.

In addition, the safety of our battery systems is non-negotiable. and incorporate multi-layer protection for both charge and discharge. They are extremely stable under harsh operating conditions such as extreme temperatures and are internally damped against vibration. Our batteries are inherently unable to explode or undergo thermal run-away. They are recyclable and safe to land fill.

Not only do the and replace fossil fuel-based energy, but they replace some of the dirtiest, most antiquated of those, often with the longest running hours per year. An average passenger car emits about 1/15th as much carbon as an average transport refrigeration system and 1/150th the number of toxic particulates. and therefore mean zero roadside emissions and make greener, cleaner refrigerated transportation possible.

Taking antiquated diesel refrigeration systems off the roads is both good for the planet and for business. If you would like to get in touch with us to find out more, please email [email protected].