As of April 2022, maxwell+spark Netherlands, has a new home in Rotterdam. The premises consists of office and warehouse space and is the company’s first footstep into the EU market.

The new location of Spaanse Polder is an industrial area of Rotterdam and central to the logistics industry. It is also close to centres of innovation such as YES!Delft, a leading tech incubator in Europe, the Innovation Quarter, bringing together investment and innovation in the Hague-Rotterdam area, as well as Rotterdam Partners. maxwell+spark is very proud to find a place within this ecosystem of innovation, investment, and solution-focused business.

The 170m² of bright office space offers an inviting working environment, while the spacious warehouse can house three 15m trailers for installation of the lithium-ion battery systems. An additional production area of 200m², where the batteries are built, is expandable to 600m², allowing plenty of room for future growth.

Currently, the Dutch office has three permanent staff members, with a rotation of up to five additional employees from both the Netherlands and South Africa. This dynamic mix drives the company’s vision for its new branch and their path in helping businesses in the EU reduce their carbon emissions.

With this new home, begins an exciting new journey for maxwell+spark into The Netherlands and beyond.