IAA Transportation Trade Show 2022

We are very excited to have been part of this year’s IAA Transportation trade show in Hannover, Germany. With the focus on discovering fossil-free and digital logistics, maxwell+spark was well-positioned to showcase both our diesel-free transport refrigeration systems and our intelligent telematics.

More than 1400 exhibitors from a total of 42 countries took part, among them manufacturers and suppliers, infrastructure providers, tech-companies and start-ups. In addition, there were over 260 exhibitors of trailers and special bodies and almost 600 suppliers. This meant that the trade show was a networking hub, providing invaluable opportunities to meet, interact with, learn from and show products to important industry stakeholders.

The show’s focus on innovations and trends on the path to climate-neutral logistics points to a critical moment in the transportation and logistics industry – one where companies, and fleet owners in particular, must reduce carbon emissions while at the same time increasing profitability. From our interactions at the IAA, it is clear that the innovative engineering behind maxwell+spark is responding to this point and is leading the way to greener, more efficient and profitable logistics.

Thank you for all your support and well done, team!