Cool tech. Cooler world.

The world’s first diesel-free, lithium-ion powered refrigeration system for rigid trucks. Drastically reduce cost of ownership and carbon emissions.

A world-first.

Maxwell+Spark now offer two transport refrigeration ranges, one focused on rigid trucks ( and the other on trailers (, with multiple models and options in each.

Data that has been collected via our comprehensive and free-to-use telematics system across the fridge.Li fleet over the last several years. Based on practical lessons gained and end-user feedback, we build the best adapted and most reliable, user-friendly, and cost effective li-ion fridges in the world today.

  • Zero roadside emissions, quieter operation

  • Fast charging available (from 0% to fully charged in just 1 hour)

  • Long runtime (20 hours+ depending on size and configuration)

  • Improved cold chain management – precise temperature control

Saves on average 94% of the running costs versus an equivalent diesel system

A rolling revolution, since 2018.

Fridge.Li and Advantage.Li are designed digital, designed electric. With safety and telematics at their core.

A lifetime of more, for less.

Enjoy reduced cost of ownership. With our 3000 cycle battery warranty, with an expected life of at least 6000 cycles, you can get over 16 years of joy, even fully cycled every day.

With a 1 to 2 year pay-back period, that means 14 years of saving.

Cost of Ownership – vs Diesel Electric

Energy Cost – vs Diesel Electric

Safe energy, non-negotiable. and incorporate multi-layer protection for both charge and discharge. They are extremely stable under harsh operating conditions such as extreme temperatures and are internally damped against vibration.

Our batteries are inherently unable to explode or undergo thermal run-away. They are recyclable and safe to land fill.

Low carbon. Zero roadside emissions.

Not only do the and advantage.Li replace fossil fuel based energy, but they replace some of the dirtiest, most antiquated of those, with the longest running hours per year.

Your car emits about 1/15th as much carbon as an average transport refrigeration system. And 1/150th the amount of toxic particulates.

Each unit we sell means one less diesel system on our roads.

Carbon Emissions

(Tonnes over 10 year span)

Monitor and analyse.

24/7 telematics system ensures you get the most out of your fleet.

With fleet-wide analysis and reporting on any device, anywhere in the world.

Runtime vs Truck Length

(0°C set point)

Runtime vs Truck Length

(-18°C set point)

Basic Specifications

Charge time 1-4 hours
Runtime 2 to 30 hours
Mass 280 to 600kg
Cooling capacity 5 to 11kW
Battery models MPU5 to MPU15

Cost of Ownership – vs Diesel Electric SOC vs Time

(48 hour period)

How the system works

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