Cool tech. Cooler world.

Replace diesel refrigeration systems in semi-trailers with next generation technology.

Drastically reduce cost of ownership and reduce carbon emissions of your fleet.


Zero carbon. Low cost. High power. Long lasting.

Electrifying the reefer industry with innovative and scalable solutions for semi-trailers.



10 year cumulative energy costs

Unbeatable savings, with results to show.

+ Higher upfront expenses are quickly offset due to energy savings

Reliably rewarding.

+ 50%+ total cost of ownership savings. 

+ Break-even in less than 3 years, with carbon-free power. 

Cost of ownership running electric vs diesel

Features to power up your equipment.

Optimised charging.

+ Fully-charged in less than 1 hour with true high frequency digitally-controlled chargers

+ Opportunity charging during breaks in operation to enable 24/7 uptime with a single, smaller battery

Advanced fleet management.

+ 24/7 telematics system ensures you get the most out of your fleet
+ With fleet-wide analysis and reporting on any device, anywhere in the world

Safety & certification.

+ All-digital, triple layer over-charge and over-discharge protection
+ Cell-level thermal and electrical monitoring, balancing and protection

+ Cell Certifications: UN38.3, UL1642, IEC62619
Designed to meet: IEC62619, UL2580 (certification in progress)
ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 (implemented/certification in progress
+ ECE regulation R10 and CE 

Basic specifications

Charge time
1 to 4 hours
2to 30 hours
250 to 900 Kg
Cooling capacity
OEM dependent
Battery models
MPU5 to MPU25